Some reviews of Superscope's latest release Torpedo!.

"Superscope's debut album Torpedo is an assortment of rock-edged pop tunes and toe-tapping melodies. The lure of guitar, bass, drums and harmonies is hard to resist.Sure it's been done before but there's nothing better than a good Aussie rock band who beat the odds, have impressive guitars and wear leather jackets. Torpedo is a good beginning to what looks like a long, sweet road for Superscope." Ellie Freitas In-Press March 2003

"Same Way","Through your Eyes" and "Window" burst out of your speakers with lots of momentum and urgency like a pent up boxing champs 1-2-3 punch.
Borruso's melodies sparkle like little pop jewels
"Always OK" is riddled with irresistable hooks. It really highlights the powerful rhythm section of Darryl Hudston on bass and Brad Cleary on drums
"The 'Scope definately rock"

Groove Magazine December 2002.

"The pure energy of Rock n Roll is a language the entire globe can understand and it just so happens Perth’s SUPERSCOPE have a doctorate in the subject."
Julian Tompkin, Xpress

"The songs on this album are definitely of the same high quality as their singles! What they excel at, though, is the solid, catchy power pop heard in songs like "Window", "Solid Gold", and "Girls Smile", though those aren't the only highlights." MTQ=12/12

This Aussie Band will steal your beer (and your girlfriends) if you're not looking - but when you ARE looking, Borruso and his 2 shaggy cohorts will write you a nifty power pop song and turn their amps up to 11. Once again Zip Records finds the talent.
Dagger Magazine Portland, Oregon

"Sometimes it’s hard to fathom how (Superscope) produce such sweet pop sounds. I guess it’s talent"
Peter Barr, Hype Magazine

(Torpedo was) “Worth the wait”
Polly Coufos Xpress

"Perth's super favourites SUPERSCOPE release another classic cd on ZipRecords. Torpedo presents itself with tight powering edgy rock. 'Window', quite frankly keeps you holding on to thethrilling ride. 'Take it or leave', a poppy sunshine tune, proof of Superscope's talents to compose classic tunes"
Melisa Bartolone Popstar ezine

Some reviews of Superscope's Lizzie...Sail Away.

"Another great Australian export, Superscope's sound is certainly polished, ...addictive, ...excellent,coming with some great vocals & some equally impressive guitars."
"....very impressive."
hEARd web site, Australia. Lizzie...Sail Away

"Indie pop,rock... has it all been done before? Probably. But when it sounds as glorious as Superscope make it sound, well, itıs never been fresher."
"Superscope are doin' their own thing, and doin' it quite nicely".
Neala Johnson, Beat Magazine, Oct 2001.

"Theyıre stickinı to the basics and letting the tune do all the talking ­ and thatıs cred in my book". Richard Kwong, Time Off.

"Superscope are being talked up in many circles".The Buzz Magazine - Victoria

"Pop that chimes".Ross Clelland, Drum Media

Some reviews of Superscope's previous release Girls Smile/Girls Talk.

"Superscope's new AA side single proves strong competition as the preferred soundtrack for summer".
"Brilliant, Choice, Stylish".
Rob Dunstan, Rip It Up Magazine, Adelaide. girls smile

"Another of those times I feel like moving to Perth"
"The whole lot sounds like it should be played with your arm hanging out of the window as you drive up the Northern Beaches".
Ross Clelland, Drum Media, 6th December 2000.

"The chord work on this blindingly effective gem is tight, the vocals slick, the hooks huge". Richard Kwong, Time Off.

"Guitar, bass, drums, harmonies, tightly interwoven, and dexterously dropped in exactly the right place at exactly the right time".
"...a fresh'n'fast blast...leaving a smile as bright as the summer days it was perfectly made for".
"Its not pop-punk that everybody else is doing lately, but a variation of the rich, emotional, melodic and textured rock that the Yanks have been doing well for years (think Buffalo Tom, for starters)".
"WA's Superscope are suddenly one of the most promising bands in the country".
Neala Johnson, Beat Magazine, Issue 735, Dec 6 2000.