In the Studio - July 2001...March 2002

Borruso Assaults Innocent Bystander in Burger King ADAT Fiasco

In scenes reminiscent of Rowan Atkinson's "Mr Bean", Kevin "Clubber" Borruso was embroiled in a potentially nasty incident in Melbourne's City centre.

After initial meetings with Gurus from Melbourne's famous "Birdland Studios" to finalise plans for the mixing of the "Torpedo" album, Borruso - carrying the ADAT Masters of the album decided lunch was in order.

Seven Months hard work in the studio was placed under a table. Borruso, satisfied (and obviously off with the fairies) left the Restaurant without the ADAT Masters.

On realising two blocks away, Borruso, by now horrified raced back toward the restaurant where a pedestrian, trying to avoid Borruso was manhandled and quizzed regarding the whereabouts of the tapes. Borruso, satisfied that the detainee did not have the precious recordings, made his way back to the restaurant who, to their credit, had held the valuable cargo awaiting its rightful owners collection.

When quizzed later regarding the circumstances, Borruso remarked that the frenzied attack on the young lad in the street was brought upon by sheer panic. "I thought he had my bag with the ADATs inside and was trying to hide it from me. I then realised he was only making room for me to charge past".

Borruso tried to find his victim to apologise but was unsuccessful.

Working on the Debut Album - Part 3

Kevin "Bouffant" Borruso played an absolute corker in Fitzroy on Wednesday 6th March with Dan (Ronny) Macdonald from P76. Here's what the Voodoo Guru had to say:-
"played last night (again with danny mac ) at The Builders Arms and it was a great gig ... i don't play many solo/acoustic gigs but i really had a ball with this one cause the crowd was super appreciative...songs from the forthcoming record (Torpedo) were well received  and i cranked up the electric half way through the set." "pulled out a few "chestnuts" including "far gone and out " by The Jesus and Mary Chain and also Blondie's "hanging on the telephone" albeit a rusty version,but it didnt matter as the crowd was enjoying the fact that i was playing for them which made me feel good about playing to them ..." "danny and i played together to close the show and he took the opportunity to give me a friendly ribbing. i came back with the line that he looks like Byan Adams which the crowd thought was funny...(i didn't tell them that i have used that line at 4 gigs now ! )"

Working on the Debut Album - Part 2

Kevin "Scaggsie" Borruso finally hit the road to get the long awaited debut album mixed at Melbourne's Birdland. Here's a snippet from his first night in the East:-
"...things are fine here is cold and wet!...noel(gallager) and i met danny (p76) at phillip island for our first beer money gig not much happened other than danny and i getting a chance to get paid to rehearse noel and i stayed in a hotel up the road overlooking the bay (romantic)"
"...the only rock and roll story from the first night was noel getting absolutely shit faced (again)and walking half an hour back to the room while danny drove me back ...noel had the keys to the room so i dived headlong through the flywire window ...we left pretty early the next morning and i dont think that the guy will notice the big hole in the screen for a few weeks yet !...We're so crazy man....."

Working on the Debut Album - Part 1

Kevin Tunes up We got down to Poonshead around lunchtime on saturday after setting most of the stuff up the night before. Darryl and Brad had remembered to bring their cocktail ingredients for later that night. Brad managed to find the world's cheapest Vodka called Boris Yeltzin ...such a cool name, I think it was made in Portugal or something. Anyway we sampled some of the Poons extra strong coffee that afternoon as we setttled into studio life; after all it was to be our home for the next week.

A few more adjustments to sounds and stuff and we were ready to start recording. We started off with "Solid Gold"... a demo version is featured on "Zipped Up And Down", but we changed the arrangement and made it a bit snappier and to the point. We got it first go which was a great start...we were really hoping that most songs would be recorded fairly quickly and that we could spend time on overdubs and vocals.

Before we knew it, we had put down the rythmn tracks to 8 songs by dinner time and it was time to break out the cocktails! We had a break for dinner and Darryl treated us to Kamikazes...a cocktail with Cointreau and Vodka. We were feeling pretty confident, and our mood was pretty good, which was also buoyed by the drinks. Time to get back in the studio and try and get a few more songs down, but a combination of alcohol and, well, alcohol put to rest any further songs going down that night.

After a couple of hours of jamming, we headed off to the Hotel for the night, pretty pleased with what we had acheived in that session.

Girls Of Summer East Coast Tour - Febuary 2001
Four whirlwind days with P76

Wednesday 14th
2pm. Arrived Melbourne. Stay in Collingwood country - Ivanhoe.
6pm. End up making Bean sculptures from the left over Mexican takeout.
9pm. Punters Club, Fitzroy - Meet Shannon and the boys from Ruteger.
10pm. Backline arrives with P76 from Tralalgon.
10:30pm. On stage. Free beer and spirits kick in. Not a bad show considering.
3:30pm. Back at Ivanhoe.

Performance Rating.
Daz 1
Brad 2
Kev 3.

Favourite Quote:
"Different" - Danny P76

Salient Point:
Ivanhoe house has 3 toilets.

Thursday 15th
10am. Kev cooks bacon and eggs. Get ripped off buying strings on Brunswick St Fitzroy.
11:30am Kev visits his brother at his Footscray business. Brad and Darryl have long lunch Lygon St Carlton.
3pm Darryl does phone interview with Eastern FM 88.1 who saw our Punter's show. They have our CD and give it regular airplay.
6pm Radio interview at Triple R FM.
7pm Thai restaurant dinner.
9:30pm Melbourne Metro. Play @ Goo to a backdrop of laser lights. Probably our least favourite gig. Highlight is Brad's 6 minute drum solo in Replacement.
3:30am Home.

Performance Rating:
Brad 3
Darryl 2
Kev 1

Favourite Quote:
"Fuel for the fire" - Brad

Salient Point":
Darryl will shower any time of the day or night.

Friday 16th
10:30am Kev makes us scrambled eggs for breakfast. Do set list for rest of tour.
12:00pm Pick up hire car and have lunch.
3pm Set sail for Sale - country Victoria. Listen to AC/DC on the road.
6pm Excellent hospitality at Lockie Wilson's in Sale. Dinner and accomodation.
9:30pm Get to PC3 Nightclub.
10:30pm On stage. Darryl plays a song from on top of front of house PA
3:30am Back to Lockie Wilson's.

Perfomance Rating:
Darryl 3
Kev 2
Brad 1

Favourite Quote:
"I tell you folks it's harder than it looks" Bon Scott

Salient Point:
The Wilson's are legends.

Saturday 17th
7:30am Kev gets us up. On the road at 8am listening to P76 and Jericho.
11am Back in Melbourne.
12:45am Arrive at airport for 1pm flight to Sydney. Kev got us lost in the 'burbs. Bags on the plane, gear isn't, we isn't.
1:45pm Plane taxi's down runway but is called back to Melbourne airport to pick us and our gear up. To the chargrin of 250 passengers, plane takes off 45 mins late!
2:30pm Arrive Sydney. Danny (P76) guitar is missing.
4:00pm Arrive Excellsior Hotel Surrey Hills.
7:30pm Danny gets his guitar.
8:30pm On stage to a very hard core receptive crowd. Our favourite gig. Pyramydiacs are an excellent band.
11:30pm Kevin is trying to impress the lovely barmaid.
3am Brad, Darryl and P76 go to hotel room and gaffa tape Kevin's underwear in a line and throw it out 1st floor window to "air". Kevin has gone out with the lovely barmaid.
5am P76 leave to get 6:30am flight for gig in Melbourne. Brad watches a live sex show on the balcony across the street.
5:30am Kevin turns up with a smile on his dial!
7:am Get up to leave for airport and home.

Performance Rating:
Kevin 3
Darryl 2
Brad 1

Favourite Quote:
"I've got to have you, I've got to have you" Bill (Pyramydiacs) - impersonating Gene Simmons.

Salient Point:
What is it with Kev and barmaids?

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